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Technical Writing Services
Technical Writing is form of communication used in technical and occupational fields, it is used for product servicing or preparation and consumer use. This communication can be conveyed via printed manuals or instruction sets or in an electronic form.
IRS Media provides a comprehensive range of technical writing and graphics creation possibilities so your company’s products or services can be understood and used properly. Our staff's combined sixty years of formal publication authoring and document editing enables us to produce quality, effective instructions, product brochures or manuals

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Instruction Sets:  These are documents that help either technicians or consumers install and/or operate a product – commonly an accessory.

  • Because we understand each level of the product’s trip from manufacturing to distribution and then to actual use we can formulate concise procedures so the task can be accomplished in a safe and efficient manner.

  • IRS Media is especially adept at instruction sets that will be used to aid in accessory installation. We understand the tasks a professional will encounter as well as the challenges faced by a consumer with limited capability.


Manuals: A manual is often an expanded compilation of instruction sets.

  • Manual are often used  by professionals to perform maintenance or repair a product.
  • Owner’s Manuals are aimed at consumers so they can understand how to safely operate and maintain a product.
  • IRS Media excels at manual production, especially owner’s manuals because of or expanded understanding of product use.


Copy Writing: The proper and concise authorship of text describing a product, vehicle or service and its function and resulting benefits.

  • When it comes time to catalog your new product you need to be able to explain to and excite your intended purchaser. And these days when retailers and consumers are tech-savvy, you need to convince them on why they need to step up and get your product.
  • In addition to narrative copy, we can create and/or compile descriptions, specifications and images.
  • Copy Writing is available from IRS Media for printed catalog, brochures, web-site, social media & more.


Graphics & Image Production: Images accompanying a procedure are invaluable. A properly represented image can make sure the reader is addressing the proper components or has accomplished a specific step in a process. Images add a level of understanding and confirmation that simple text alone cannot achieve.

  • IRS media not only has the physical tools to create images but has contemporary software and the superb skills to manipulate them to great effect.
  • We can create and filter color and grayscale photographic images plus line drawings and diagrams. While our goal is not to create art, proper images complement and verify a procedure.  

Language Challenges: We provide a specialized service for manufacturers and distributors where English is a second language. We can author simple procedures or entire documents from scratch or properly refine existing text translations so grammar and legally sensitive points are correct.

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